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Garage Door Maintenance

You already know that there’s a way to hardly ever worry about the performance of your Surrey garage door: maintenance. Since the way the service is carried out matters, choose our team for garage door maintenance in Surrey, British Columbia.

All services assigned to our team, from garage door troubleshooting to various repairs and adjustments, are performed by trained techs. Now, the meaning of maintaining the garage door is to prevent its failures and all sorts of problems. Although even the most durable garage doors wear and are affected by daily use, the elements, and much more, their wear is better controlled when they are occasionally maintained. Problems are caught and fixed before they get a chance to grow. Parts are aligned and tightened as needed. The moving parts are lubricated. Therefore, problems that happen due to loosened fasteners and lack of lubricants – to bring up two examples, are avoided. When you entrust maintenance to Garage Door Repair Surrey BC, you don’t worry about the way it’s carried out.

Garage Door Maintenance Surrey

Book garage door maintenance in Surrey

Surrey garage door maintenance services are performed by techs with knowledge, training, and skills. By techs, who have the experience to thoroughly inspect garage doors of all types and brands, recognize their weak points, and address all glitches.

The steps of the garage door maintenance service are multiple and are all taken in a meticulous manner. The techs check all parts and even the smallest components, test the garage door balance, the safety features, and the force, make adjustments, tighten the fasteners, lubricate, clean – just to give you an overview of the usual tasks.

Garage door adjustment, lubrication, cleaning, testing, and many more tasks are all included in a long checklist. The pros always follow this list to the letter and also take into account the special features of the garage door in question. When the service is completed, the garage door works smoothly, closes firmly, opens all the way without making weird noises, and moves safely.

Have your garage door maintained properly, regularly

Having a skilled tech maintaining the garage door is the way to ensure the service is done correctly and thus, you get the utmost of the job. One other element you should consider is the frequency of the service. When the garage door is regularly maintained, problems are addressed before they have the chance to grow. You can sign up for a regular program or you can contact us when you think it’s time for garage door maintenance. Surrey techs with expertise and hands-on experience are ready to serve.